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Join the Community Automated Trading System with $ODS Token

Our utility of Community Automated Trading System trades multiple tokens for our community. Monthly rewards gets distributed to your wallet in USDT + more benefits...



Token Address: 0xc1F99239B2460964129D06d393D62De5452CeE06
1 Billion

Total Supply

Total tokens created when project launched

0 %

Buy tax

5% Tax will be added to Liquidity pool

0 %

Sell Tax

7% to Trading assets, 2% to Rest Fund, 3% to Liquidity, 2% to Marketing

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Emotionless, Stress-free Community Automated trading.

Take your emotion out of the equation while our automated trading system does the job

No Staking and no Lock

No staking or lockups required. Earn rewards and many more benefits by simply holding $ODS in your wallet.

Your funds are secure

Protecting user funds and data is our top priority. We do not touch user funds and implement rigorous security measures to operate with the highest ethical standards.​

Transparent trading

All trades are visible in the blockchain on your dashboard and exchanges


How $ODS Token Works

In just a few clicks, you can unlock a whole new world of possibilities with $ODS Ecosystem


Buy $ODS token to unlock Community Automated Trading System

Hold Tokens

Simply hold your $ODS tokens and benefit from Plutus Go strategy

Receive USDT Rewards

Sit back and relax to receive monthly rewards in USDT based on Plutus Go performance

Benefits + more

Take advantage of $ODS Token multiple rewards

Audited & KYC

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