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AI Automated Trading System saving you time for Things that MatterFamilyLifePlayWork

No need for brokers, stressful trading and keeping up with the news 24/7

Audited & KYC

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Available on Exchanges

What we do

Emotionless, Stress-free Automated trading.

Take your emotion out of the equation while our automated trading system does the job

No Staking and no Lock

No staking or lockups required. Have the comfort of controlling & moving your assets to any of your exchanges

Your funds are secure

Protecting user funds and data is our top priority. We do not touch user funds and implement rigorous security measures to operate with the highest ethical standards.​

Transparent trading

All trades are visible in the blockchain on your dashboard and exchanges

Our Product

Building Powerful Fintech Automation

Track, Control & Manage your exchanges through our dashboard

User Steps

Our simplified fast and effective steps

In just a few clicks, you can unlock a whole new world of possibilities and focus on what you love.

step 1

Sign up & Connect

Sign up, connect your exchange, and choose an strategy that suits your risk tolerance and goals.


step 2

Dashboard API

Monitor your portfolio and trading activity in real-time through our easy-to-use interface, with the option to customise settings for further personalisation.


step 3

Relax & Monitor

Automated system take over, executing trades based on market analysis and your chosen strategy, working 24/7.


Ready to Save time for things that matters?

Our technology will be accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise or background.

✅ No need for Brokers✅ No need for traders✅ No need for Crypto News✅ Save you time✅ Easy peasy✅ 24/7 Automation

Our Specs

Trade Smarter, Not Harder

4 Supported Exchanges

Access diverse markets on ByBit, Binance, KuCoin,

Fully automated 24/7

Relax, everything is automated, day & night. Zero management

Futures & Spot Trading

Unlock advanced strategies with Futures & Spot contracts.

AI & Machine Learning (ML)

Our AI & Machine Learning (ML) algorithms scour and trade the market for top opportunities.

Signal Acquisition

We gather diverse market signals from various sources.

Signal Filtering

We use and built the best signals to make the cut, minimising risk.

Diversified Strategies

We diversify strategy of your portfolio to weather any market.

Risk Management

Built-in safeguards protect your capital based on market volatility.

Our Strategies

Explore our ODESIS Plutus Products

Let automation do the work that matches your goals & focus on what matters most.


Plutus Relax

Slow and Steady Wins the Race: This strategy prioritizes long-term growth with lower trading activity, ideal for conservative investors seeking measured gains.



Plutus Go

Aim High, But Be Prepared: This aggressive strategy seeks higher potential returns through more frequent trades. Suitable for investors comfortable with taking on more risk for potentially greater profits.


Spot Trading

Plutus Spot

Catch the Wave: Focuses on capitalising on market movements with frequent, targeted trades within the spot market. Ideal for gem hunters seeking to maximise rewards in a trending market.


Reduce your subscription Fees%

Buy & Hold $ODS Tokens to reduce fees + many more benefits

Audited & KYC

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Want to know how everything works?

Schedule a free consultation with our team and let us save you more time for things that matters

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